Benefits of Branding Sunoco with Lykins Energy Solutions

BP Branded Gas StationSunoco has built over 125 years of quality, and we don't take that lightly.  Each element of Sunoco branded station has been carefully designed and thought out to imbue your business with the most striking signage and bold branding on the open road.  See a full list of our latest image standards below.


  • National TV and radio, internet, and print exposure
  • Best in call point-of-purchase materials
  • Customized, site specific advertising tools
  • Exclusive NASCAR, INDYCAR, NHRA, promotional tie-ins
  • Local marketing and grand opening events
  • Social media
  • Additional regional media in select markets

Quality fuels:

  • Sunoco UltraTech is a high detergent fuel blend which includes the same detergent level as the fuel Sunoco makes for NASCAR
  • Sunoco UltraTech, a Top Tier fuel blend, is available to customers across all grades of gasoline at every Sunoco station across the country
  • Race fuels are available through an authorized Sunoco performance products distributor
  • Any Sunoco-branded retail location can sell Sunoco GTTM 260, 100 Octane Unleaded, street legal race-proven fuel through a retail dispenser with Sunoco graphics

Mobile Payment and App Technology:

  • Mobile pay-at-pump and pay-in-store capabilities
  • Support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Sunoco’s private label credit card, all major credit/debit cards, and Sunoco gift cards
  • A digital storefront, enabling Sunoco dealers to manage their store identify, opt into Sunoco-sourced promotions and create their own backcourt offers
  • Seamless integration for grocery partner rewards

Credit cards:

  • Sunoco Rewards Credit Card
    • Consumer credit card
    • Save 5 cents per gallon of gas
    • Fully funded by Sunoco
    • No fee card for retailers
  • Fleet cards
    • Suntrak
    • Sunoco Universal Card
    • Sunoco Over-the-Road Card
    • Sunoco Corporate Card


  • Sunoco Diamond or Goal Post sign
  • Sunoco canopy image (NASCAR logo where permitted)
  • LED or internally illuminated price sign
  • Electronic dispensers with card readers
  • Perimeter pole and island merchandiser sign program

Regional and local marketing

  • Targeted sponsorships with noteworthy brands like NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA, Major League Baseball and American Red Cross
  • Consumer and fleet credit card marketing
  • Customized sign kits
  • NASCAR show car appearances
  • Event display materials
  • Media consulting

Loyalty programs:

  • Sunoco has a robust technology platform that enables fuel partnerships with top-tier grocers
  • These programs deliver cents-per-gallon discounts at Sunoco stations

Digital Support

  • Social media presence with more than 2 million brand fans across multiple social platforms

Mystery shop program:

  • Monthly program open to all Sunoco branded stations
  • Quarterly program that is available to all Sunoco distributor stations


  • Advertising and promotions
  • Location improvement programs
  • Dispensing equipment purchase advantages
  • Incentive trips