Lykins History and Time Line

1948, Guy "Bandy" Lykins, a tenant farmer, decided to open a "White Rose" service station in Newtonsville, Ohio in order to support his family. The station had been closed because none of the three previous owners had been able to make a profit. Bandy rented the station for $50 per month. The station was branded Mobil, as White Rose refused to supply partial gasoline deliveries and Bandy could not afford a full load.  

Early Lykins1953, A local Gulf distributor bought the station.  During this period, Bandy's son, Don purchased his first fuel oil truck at fourteen years of age (before reaching the legal driving age of sixteen).  Don, always the dealmaker, worked out a plan with his principal and his teacher to leave school after lunch.  If they would look the other way when he climbed out of the classroom window, he would supply each of them with three dollars worth of gasoline per week.  This was the beginning of Lykins Heating Oil business with Don and his older brother, Guy Jr., supplying customers with their own trucks.  Don was also successful in talking a fellow student into doing his homework Linda, his future wife.

Lykins History1961, The Company received its corporate charter from the State of Ohio.  That same year, the Gulf distributor changed to Sinclair, but Gulf purchased the property across the street.  Guy agreed to move because of his allegiance to Gulf.  Unfortunately, when the lease was up, the new station was not complete.  Don, Guy Jr. and Guy Sr. carried the inventory of tires and motor oil across the street, then home to their barn each night.  This went on for 30 days until the building was finished.  Guy would not consider staying closed.  He was committed to servicing his customers.

1963, Guy continued his commitment to his customers.  During this year, there was a huge snowfall.   Guy got his two sons out of bed to shovel a path to the station.  Although they had only one customer that day, since hardly anyone was out on the roads, Guy demonstrated a point to his two sons - customers come first.

Lykins Oil1967, Lykins builds its first office in Newtonsville, Ohio.  It's 3,000 square feet and employs 15 people.   Guy steps down as President.  Don becomes President and Guy Jr. becomes Vice President.  Lykins operates as a Gulf marketer for fuel and oil and as a tires, batteries and accessories dealer in Clermont and Hamilton counties.

1969, The two brothers open Lykins Sales and Service, a lawn equipment dealer.

1977, The blizzard in Cincinnati shuts down the area.  Lykins is the only company running within 50 miles of Cincinnati.  The family spends three days shuttling fuel to National Guard helicopters to be transported to homes that had no oil and that trucks couldn't reach.

1981,The Company left Gulf Oil and became a Pennzoil marketer.

1982, Lykins moves to Milford. It splits into two offices, one that is 700 square feet and has about 5,000 square feet of truck space and a second in the remodeled King Kwik store that consists of about 2,600 square feet.  At this time, the company employs about 50 people. Also in this year, Lykins becomes a Unocal marketer by purchasing Smith Lumber Company.

1985, The first Lykins-owned convenience store opens in Bethel.

1986, Lykins becomes a Citgo marketer and expands its transports into Premier Tank Lines, which operated as a common carrier of petroleum products in 9 states.

1987, Lykins expands again and moves to 5,000 square feet of office space in Park 50 TechCenter. The company employs 110 people. The lumber store is sold during this year.

1989, Lykins founds Emerald Green Lawn Care, which has 15 franchises in 11 states.

1990, Guy Jr. sells his stock in the Company to his son, Ron, and to Don and his two sons, Jeff and Mike.

1991, The company expands to 9,500 square feet in Park 50.  At this time the company employs 300 people including those who work for the lawn care and Premier Tank Lines companies.

1992, Lykins becomes a lube distributor for Pennzoil and acquires Country Folks Restaurants, a chain of four family-style restaurants.

1993, Lykins adds the Amoco brand; consequently, most Lykins convenience stores are converted to Amoco that same year. Lykins purchases Aurora Oil Company.

1994, Several changes occurred: Emerald Green Lawn Care is sold to Benchmark Associates; Country Folks Restaurants are sold; Lykins Sales & Service (the power equipment business) is sold and becomes Clermont County Equipment; and Lykins purchases a Fuelman franchise a total fuel management system.

1995, Lykins purchases Miami Marathon, a small heating oil marketer.  Also in that year Lykins adds the Ashland brand and acquires bulk plants in Williamsburg and Morrow, Ohio.  With those acquisitions, Lykins increases its heating oil customer base.

1996, Lykins Oil Co, Inc is changed to Lykins Companies, Inc and wholly owned subsidaries set up - Lykins Oil Company, Lykins Transportation, Inc, Lykins C-Stores, Inc, and Lykins Realty, Inc.  Most of the Lykins convenience stores are re-branded Ashland under its new branded agreement.

1997, Lykins Oil Company, Inc. is split into four subsidiaries Lykins Oil Company, Lykins C-Store, Inc., Lykins Transportation, Inc. and Premier Tank Lines, Inc.  The name of the parent company is changed to Lykins Companies, Inc.  Lykins Oil becomes one of a very few marketers to offer the BP brand in Ohio.

1998, The stock of Premier Tank Lines is sold to allow Lykins to concentrate on its own fleet in Lykins Transportation.  This fleet continues to grow steadily to deliver the products sold by Lykins Oil and also other customer products.  Lykins also institutes a Board of Directors to add some outside expertise to the management team.

1999, Jeff Lykins takes over for Don, as President and Don becomes the Chairman of the Board.  Bob Manning becomes Vice President/CFO.  The lube business is sold to Oil Distributing. The C-Stores are again re-branded because Ashland was sold to Marathon.  Lykins stores are branded with BP, Shell, Exxon, Citgo and Marathon. Lykins also purchases the petroleum division of Owensville Supply, McCoy Oil Company, Hamilton Oil Company, and Fetters Oil Company.

2000, Lykins expands again and moves to its current, 12,000 square foot location in Milford and employs 250 people. Lykins also sells its Fuelman fuel management division to Campbell Oil Company.

2001,  Lykins purchases the heating oil and commercial segment of Bruce Miller Oil Company and Columbia Oil Company.

2002, Lykins purchases Georgetown Oil Company (OH).

2003, Lykins purchases Steve Krebs Oil Company and MC Russell Oil Co.

2004, Lykins purchases the Transportation division of Columbia Oil Company.

2005, Lykins converts its retail convenience stores to independently owned and operated dealers. Lykins purchases Taylor Oil Company.

2006, Lykins named exclusive reseller of Nexol Bio Diesel for Southern Ohio, Western Indiana and Kentucky. Lykins purchases Curry Oil.  Lykins is first in the Greater Cincinnati area to offer BioHeat.  Lykins re-enters the propane market. Current Ownership purchased portion of Don Lykins stock.

2007, Lykins purchases Hamilton Oil Co. (KY), DeBoard Oil Co., J&L Equipment & Oil Co., Hively Oil Co., Tucker Oil Co. and Wilson Oil Company.

2008, Lykins restructures divisions to better focus on its core business and also purchases Jabob Hively Oil Company and Bill Leasure Oil Company.

2009, Consolidation of BP Consumer Marketing Group and purchase of related properties.

2010, Lykins is named a key distributor of BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. Donald F. Lykins passes away.

2011, Lykins purchases Brinkman Oil Company, Silver Star Fuels, Co-Alliance Oil, Grant County Oil’s bulk plant/home heat/commercial/wholesale business, and Royce Adams Oil Company.

2012, Lykins becomes a licensed electricity and natural gas broker in the State of Ohio.

2013, Lykins introduces Eco-Supreme diesel fuel. Lykins purchases Wagner Oil Company and Petron Oil.

2014, Lykins Oil Company changes their name to Lykins Energy Solutions.  Lykins purchases RC Miller Oil Company and Martin Oil Company.  

2015, Lykins purchases STEP Resources.

2016, Lykins purchases Campbell Oil's heating oil and commercial fuels business.

2016, Lykins expanded corporate headquarters by adding an additional 6,000 sq. feet.

2016, Lykins Energy Solutions Logo and name are trademarked.

2016, "Powered by Life" tag line is trademarked.

2016, Lykins ECO Supreme Logo & name are trademarked.

2017, Lykins purchases Wiley Oil.

2017, Lykins purchases Herron Oil and Millersburg Oil (OH).

2019, Lykins purchases Kelly Oil in Milan, IN.

2019, Lykins Energy Advisors Logo & name are trademarked.

2019, Lykins Energy Solutions remodels office to open concept design with all new workstations.

2020, ECO Supreme Logo becomes trademarked.

2021, January 15th, Lykins Energy Solutions sells its electricity supply and consulting division (Lykins Advisors) to Shipley Energy.

2021, May 1st, Lykins Energy Solutions sells its wholesale fuel division to Colonial Fuels.

2021, October 1st, Lykins Energy Solutions integrated into the World Kinect Energy Services Division.


A Step Above Other Petroleum Companies

With decades of experience serving communities Lykins Energy Solutions has fostered a relationship of trust and growth.

Lykins not only offers refined petroleum products, but has expanded into providing natural gas and electric utilities. These advances allow Lykins Energy to serve your entire energy needs with one trustworthy energy supplier.