Energy Analysis & Energy Procurement Services

We remove the complexity and confusion of buying electricity and natural gas for businesses.

Lykins Energy Advisors provides sophisticated energy analysis and site-specific energy procurement services. Whether it is managing an RFP process or assisting with a complex transaction involving customized solutions, we provide ways to maximize benefits for our clients. With billions of dollars in transactions completed, throughout deregulated and regulated states, Lykins Energy Advisors guides clients through the complexities of commercial energy procurement.  Our understanding of transaction structures, coupled with our professional reputation, has led to our involvement with development of many of the products and pricing structures available today, including block and index pricing structures.  

Lykins Energy Advisors Lykins Energy Advisors - Energy Analysis & Procurementdelivers transaction structures and contractual terms that benefit our clients.  In fact, some suppliers have used our advisors' technical language to develop special contracts specifically for our clients.

Our energy procurement services involve best practice approaches to managing energy spend:

  • Customized and transparent pricing which helps mitigate price risk in volatile periods, but also provides opportunity to obtain lower market rates when possible.

  • Greater flexibility and control over budgeted energy spend dollars.

  • Greater predictability without relinquishing potential business energy savings.

  • Transparent Solutions.

We believe that a well-informed client is best for all concerned. Informed clients are able to evaluate any energy procurement strategy and how it relates specifically to their business operations. Clients appreciate the sharing of this information, as we strive to be transparent energy analysis & energy procurement consultants.  The overall result is a high-quality decision made to better serve our clients.