Lower Your Costs & Eliminate the Burden of Ownership of Energy Infrastructure

For some of our clients, it is desirable to own and operate energy infrastructure for their business.  For other clients, it may be advantageous to consider the above.  Lykins Energy Advisors will help to make informed decisions regarding the advantages and disadvantageous of such considerations.  We offer high-value services which coordinates necessary management and maintenance of these systems. 

Asset Ownership

Lykins Energy Advisors can help with securing the capital to acquire, own, operate and maintain energy infrastructure such as:

  • High Voltage Substations

  • Electrical Switchgear

  • Transformers

  • Chiller Replacement

  • Water Systems

  • Energy Metering Systems

  • Behind-the-meter Generation

Asset Management

Lykins Energy Advisors can provide complete oversight:

  • Required Inspections

  • Monitoring, including billing

  • Managing all repairs and maintenance

Let us demonstrate how we can lower your costs while outsourcing the burden of owning the infrastructure.