Benefits of Branding BP with Lykins Energy Solutions

BP Branded Gas StationBP has an impressive bright image that will give you a jump start to your new business or conversion. The BP brand is clean and bright.  BP is a recognized brand and you will pump maximum gallons while offering an impressive experience for your customer that will make them want to return over and over.


  • Top tear fuel
  • 1.8 million consumers each day
  • $200,000,000 in advertising dollars spent each year on national campaigns
  • Largest credit card base in the Cincinnati market
  • BP fuel quality guarantee
  • Guaranteed supply that will keep you competitive
  • Online email marketing and direct mail opportunities
  • BP image conversion support options availableBenefits of Branding BP with Lykins Energy Solutions
  • Rebates based on site volumes
  • Lykins accrued savings plan
  • Lykins fleet of 200+ vehicles and 24/7 dispatch support
  • 70,000 gallons per month fuel commitment
  • Site coordinator support
  • Grand opening package and support
  • LED canopy lighting support
  • Co-Op up to 100% support
  • Mystery shop incentive program
  • Quarterly promotional advertising kits

Loyalty Programs

BP Driver Rewards program is a national loyalty program from location to location. 2 million members and growing every day.

Invigorate Additive Package

BP makes its own high quality gasolines with Invigorate, an additive that keeps your engine running younger for longer. BP consumers recognize the quality of BP gasoline.

BP Gift Cards

BP offers gift cards in $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 No cost to retailer. Annual marketing campaign promoting Gift Card sales.

Quarterly Signage

BP Quarterly Campaigns and Promotions differentiate your business from the competition and increase traffic to your station(s).

Station Advertising 

BP offers a complete set of tools to help increase business and drive new and faithful customers into your station(s) by improving your image and the customer experience.

  • Quarterly Station Promotions
  • Online Coupon Creator
  • Customizable Items
  • Branded Giveaways
  • Pre-Approved Signage
  • Uniform Program

Mystery Shop Program 

  • All BP branded locations are included in the Mystery Program
  • Mystery Shop Guidance Handbooks are available with sales rep 
  • A copy of the evaluation form is available before each shop
  • All scores will be reviewed with sales rep