Commercial Electricity Provider for Ohio Business

Now electric power in Ohio means you have a choice regarding how much you pay for electric. Many companies do not have the time or assets to fully understand how to best navigate the deregulated electricity market. We use our subject matter expertise to be your company’s energy advisor, supplier and energy advocate allowing you to focus on what you do best. Whether you have an energy manager or not a partnership with Lykins will prove to be beneficial.

Advantages for your business switching to Lykins as your commercial electric provider:

  • We continuously monitor and evaluate the power markets 
    • Determine market trends
    • Identify low prices as buying opportunities
    • Track Regulatory Issues
  • Review and Benchmark your energy usage 
    • Utility Tariff Analysis
    • Usage Pattern Breakdown
  • Advise on energy savings strategies 
    • Aggregated Purchasing
    • Demand Side Management and Demand Response

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