Commercial Heating Oil

Prompt heating oil delivery to your business or farm is of the highest importance to Lykins.  Although we are based in Cincinnati, our heating oil delivery areas encompass a much larger area.  Our delivery region stretches through the Midwest and east coast for higher volume, wholesale purchasing programs.

For businesses, we offer a host of services with benefits such as:

  • Automatic Fill Programs - Our cutting edge computerized system will track your heating needs as well as incoming weather patterns.
  • Stable and safe - Combustible but non-explosive.
  • Abundant - Lykins maintains a constant supply of heating oil with 36 oil-producing countries contributing.
  • Cost-effective - Lower cost than natural gas or electricity.
  • On-line Pricing and Ordering - Now it's easier than ever to get a quote a place orders.
  • Custom Storage Plans ­- Our experts can analyze what storage system will work best for you, and handle sales and installation.