Fleet Fueling Card

Lykins Energy Solutions is now offering a Lykins Energy Coast to Coast Fleet card.  The Lykins Energy Coast to Coast card is  a universal fleet fueling card and is powered by the Voyager network and is accepted at over 230,000 service and fuel locations nationwide. With real-time online account access and US based customer service, there is no better choice in the fleet fuels market.

  • 230,000 fueling and service locations
  • Level 3 security
  • Receive authorized vehicle maintenance with providers who accept fleet Card
  • Online invoices available
  • Management reports include essential information like company-wide credit balance, or fuel transactions for all vehicles.

Coast to CoastWhy Choose Lykins Energy Solutions Fuel Management Program?

Convenience -- Controls -- Security -- Cost Savings -- Customer Service
Most extensive site coverage -- Choice & convenience equals savings


Lykins Fleet Card Advantages

  • 230,000 fueling and maintenance locations including 50,000 diesel sites

  • Alternative fuels including: E-85, CNG, Propane & Electric (EV)

  • 60,000 vehicle maintenance & service providers                                                                 

  • 100% Level III data capture -- A critical requirement for accurate reporting on all transaction details

  • Pay at-the-pump acceptance -- Saves time & less distraction

  • Extensive card controls -- Prevent slippage & save money upwards of 15%

  • Web based Fleet Commander Online - Reports, alerts and account management

  • USA Based customer service

Fleet Card Controls

  • Fuel Only -- Including roadside service

  • Fuel & Maintenance -- All locations

  • Vehicle card -- Drive ID

  • Driver card -- Vehicle ID

  • Individual card -- PIN number

Authorization Controls at Time of Purchase

Set at the card or account level - Prevent misuse and abuse

  • Drive ID, Vehicle ID, or PIN Number -- Total flexability

  • Number of authorizations allowed by card per day, week and month

  • Total dollars allowed by card per day, week, and month

  • Time of day, day of week fueling

  • Location Lock-out 0 Individual location, zip code or state

  • Limit purchases to the fuel island only

  • Odometer capture -- Data integration

  • Date range emergency overrides -- Easy use and flexibility

Purchase Alerts

  • Pushed via text or email to an individual or groups when limits are exceeded

  • Type of Fuel by Card/Vehicle

  • Maximum fill by Card/Vehicle

  • Time of Day, Day of Week

  • Dollars and/or Transactions exceeded by day, week and month

  • Purchases outside selected locations, zip codes and states

For More Information Contact: 

Alisha White

Alisha White
Credit Supervisor
[email protected]

Helena Smith

Helena Smith 
Voyager Fleet Card Administrator
[email protected]


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