Lykins Energy Solutions - On-Site Fuel Delivery in Kentucky

On-Site Fuel Delivery in Kentucky

Lykins Energy Solutions offers commercial on-site fuel delivery services in the state of Kentucky. Work sites in Northern Kentucky and the surrounding areas will receive the best supply with the highest quality of vehicle and equipment fueling service. 

With our on-site delivery services, fueling is done when it’s most convenient for you, to help you optimize your schedule and maximize productivity. 

We bring decades of experience to the table and are committed to serving our Kentucky fuel delivery customers with quality, value and integrity. Order now or get a quote today.


Kentucky Counties We Serve:

  • Boone
  • Boyd
  • Bracken
  • Campbell
  • Carroll
  • Gallatin
  • Grant
  • Harrison
  • Kenton
  • Laurel
  • Owen
  • Mason
  • Pendelton
  • Robertson
  • Scott

About On-Site Fueling Services

Lykins has the capabilities to deliver our fuel products to businesses and work sites across the state of Kentucky. Our services help customers save valuable time and resources.

By choosing Lykins for your on-site fueling needs, you can eliminate time and labor spent fueling vehicles or equipment. With our advanced network of fuel delivery trucks, we can deliver on your schedule. 

We’re committed to working around the clock for our Kentucky customers. We even offer custom fuel reports to make accounting and data management hassle-free.

Additionally, safety is a top priority for Lykins. Our drivers follow rigorous protocols to ensure safe product handling and delivery. We are fully insured and strive to help eliminate any safety concerns associated with on-site fuel tanks.

Lykins can supply fuel for vehicles as well as equipment such as generators, bulk tanks or any other special equipment. Get your quote today.

Our convenient, cost-effective services aim to save you time and money. Use our fuel savings calculator below to estimate your cost and labor savings.


We Provide Vehicle and Equipment Fueling for:

  • Construction sites
  • Work sites
  • Farms
  • Fleets

“Whether it’s talking to their staff to place an order or dealing with their drivers during delivery, Lykins Energy Solutions is always courteous and professional. In addition, regardless of the weather, they have never missed a delivery.”
- Executive Transportation, Inc.

What Sets Lykins Apart?

Lykins is committed to providing excellent service to our on-site fuel delivery customers in Kentucky. A variety of features set our services apart, including:

  • Guaranteed fuel supply
  • Custom fuel reports
  • Highly qualified drivers
  • Priority delivery
  • Fuel quality control
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Family-owned and operated

With these features and more at your disposal, we hope you choose Lykins for your commercial fueling needs.