Lykins Specialty Products

Diesel Exhaust Fluid - BLUEDEF

Diesel Exhaust Fluid - BLUEDEFIs a blend of high purity synthetic urea and Deionized water for use in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. These systems are used in on road diesel powered equipment manufactured 2010 and beyond. The SCR systems utilizing the DEF product converts NOx emissions to nitrogen and water.  BlueDef is an environmentally friendly product. Read more



Diesel Exhaust Fluid- BLUEDEF PLATINUM

Diesel Exhaust Fluid - BLUEDEF PLATINUMBlueDEF PLATINUM with advanced System Shield technology is a mixture of high purity synthetic urea, deionized water, and their proprietary additive package manufactured under ISO 22241 guidelines to ensure product quality.

With continual use, BlueDEF PLATINUM with advanced SYSTEM SHEILD technology reduces the formation of deposits that build up in your diesel exhaust system, API registered and meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Read more



Premium Diesel - ECO-SUPREME

Lykins Premium Diesel ECO-SUPREMEWe know how hard your equipment works for you. That's why we offer ECO-SUPREME Premium Diesel - our proprietary formulated fuel - to keep your engine running at peak performance.

Superior in every way to a standard #2 diesel fuel, ECO-SUPREME Premium Diesel keeps fuel lines and injectors clean, plus it prevents rust and corrosion damage. This results in extended engine life, and increased efficiency and fuel economy. Read more


D-A Lubricant CompanyLykins Energy Solutions proudly offers performance, engineered lubricants with a broad petroleum and synthetic product line.  Read more




Coolant - PEAK Commercial • Industrial

Coolant - PEAK CommercialPEAK Commercial & Industrial products have been trusted by fleets, large and small, for over 65 years, to keep their equipment running.

FINAL CHARGE® Global Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze is an Organic Acid Technology (OAT), globally formulated, ethylene glycol based coolant, which uses organic acid inhibitors (non 2-EH) to provide guaranteed protection for all cooling system metals.

FINAL CHARGE® NOAT Extended Life Coolants/Antifreeze is an advanced nitrited Organic Acid Technology (OAT), globally formulated, ethylene glycol-based coolant which uses organic acid inhibitors to provide guaranteed protection for all cooling system metals.

Learn more about PEAK products including; benefits, properties, specifications...etc.  Read more