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BLUEDEF - PLATINUM Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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BlueDEF PLATINUM™ with advanced SYSTEM SHIELD™ technology is a mixture of high purity synthetic urea, deionized water, and our proprietary additive package manufactured under ISO 22241 guidelines to ensure product quality. With continual use, BlueDEF PLATINUM™ with advanced SYSTEM SHIELD™ technology reduces the formation of deposits that build up in your diesel exhaust system. API registered and meets or exceeds OEM specifications.


The shelf life of DEF is directly related to the temperature at which it is stored. Storage temperature between 12ºF and 86ºF are recommended to maintain optimal shelf life of up to two years. If BlueDEF PLATINUM freezes, its efficacy will not be effected upon thawing. To maintain the purity of DEF and not harm the SCR Catalyst System care must be taken regarding the material of construction for all items that come in contact with the DEF solution. Included from the ISO-22241-1 standards are the recommended and not recommended materials for contact with DEF.

The Deposit Prevention performance of BlueDEF PLATINUM will be reduced if diluted with standard DEF in application.



BlueDEF Platinum - Physical and Chemical Properties

BlueDEF Platinum - Recommended and Not Recommended