ECO-Supreme Premium Diesel

Lykins ECO-SUPREME Premium Diesel

We know how hard your equipment works for you. That's why we offer ECO-SUPREME and ECO-SUPREME High Cetane - our proprietary formulated fuel - to keep your engine running at peak performance. ECO-SUPREME is available in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Superior in every way to a standard #2 diesel fuel, ECO-SUPREME and ECO-SUPREME High Cetane keep fuel lines and injectors clean, plus it prevents rust and corrosion damage. This results in extended engine life, and increased efficiency and fuel economy.

Keep Engines Performing Like New

With a powerful, built-in detergent formulation keeping moving parts clean, you get the most from your engine. To ensure its effectiveness, we run ECO-SUPREME and ECO-SUPREME High Cetane through more tests than our competitors.

Protect and Power Your Engine

Here are some of the ways using ECO-SUPREME and ECO-SUPREME High Cetane provide your engine with the fuel it needs to get the job done:

Lykins ECO Sumpreme High Cetane Improver

ECO Supreme and ECO Supreme High Cetane use increased cetane improvers to:

  • Boost your engine's ability to start quicker
  • Produce more energy per gallon and increases fuel economy
  • Reduce white smoke and knocking
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • ECO Supreme High Cetane has additional improvers for maximum performance even under harsh conditions

Internal Diesel Injector Deposits can slow the response or cause the sticking of moving internal parts,
resulting in a loss of control of injection event timing and/or the amount of fuel delivered.

Performance Problems:

  • Poor/No Start
  • Rough Idle/Drivability
  • Excess Power/Particulate Production (sticking open)
  • Loss of Power (sticking shut)
  • Fuel Filter Plugging





Two of the types of IDID Problems:

  • Waxy or "soap" deposits (carboxylate salts)
  • Carbonaceous or "laquer" deposits (thermal breakdown of fuel)

Internal deposits are different than "conventional" nozzle deposits.  

  • In form: Internal vs. external to fuel pressure side
  • In function: sticking vs. physical blockage

Proper treatment with ECO Supreme Premium Diesel or ECO Supreme High Cetane Premium
Diesel will completely restore power loss and increase fuel economy up to 3 1/2 %.