ECO-Supreme Premium Diesel Available in Kentucky

Lykins Energy Solutions offers ECO-Supreme Premium Diesel for Kentucky farmers, fleets, construction sites and businesses. ECO-Supreme extends engine life while increasing efficiency and fuel economy. Keep your commercial vehicles and equipment running at peak performance. Get a quote or order today.


Customer Testimonial

“We chose to try the ECO-Supreme fuel. Sitting here now several years into using ECO-Supreme, I can tell you that it is a great product. Over 90% of the fuel we burn comes right from our tank and is the ECO product. We have no fuel issues, no water in the fuel, improved fuel mileage, zero injector problems, and the list probably goes on…. Right now, I can’t tell you the last problem we have had that I could say was a fuel issue. We just don’t have any.”
-Ben Everhart, G&B Anderson, Inc.

What is ECO-Supreme?

Available to Order in These Kentucky Counties

ECO-Supreme is available to order in the following Northern Kentucky counties:

  • Boone County
  • Bracken County
  • Campbell County
  • Gallatin County
  • Grant County
  • Kenton County
  • Pendleton County‚Äč

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Benefits of ECO-Supreme

ECO-Supreme keeps diesel engines performing like new. It prevents rust and corrosion damage while keeping fuel lines and injectors clean. This results not only in extended engine life for your vehicles and equipment, but also in improved fuel economy and efficiency.

Lykins’ proprietary formulated fuel protects and powers your engine by offering:

  • Superb lubrication
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Thermal stabilizers
  • Moisture control
  • Cetane improvers
  • Cold flow improvers

Additionally, ECO-Supreme reduces harmful emissions. This creates a more environmentally-friendly engine. As a result, your commercial equipment and vehicles are cleaner and more eco-friendly. 

To order ECO-Supreme Premium Diesel or ECO-Supreme Premium Diesel High Cetane, contact a Lykins sales representative today


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