Truck & Trailer Fuel Deliveries
(more than 5,000 gallons)

Lykins Energy Solutions markets petroleum products throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast and Southeast.  Lykins Energy Solutions supplies diesel fuel and gasoline to trucking companies, schools, unbranded service stations, and other oil companies.  Lykins Energy Solutions buys petroleum products from 25 major and large independent refiners so customers have access to the best quality products at the most competitive prices.  Lykins Energy Solutions also helps customers control fuel expenses using fixed cost and other cost control strategies and fuel management services.  

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Lykins Energy Solutions distributes petroleum products throughout the Midwest and along the East coast, supplying quality wholesale gas/gasoline and wholesale diesel fuel to anyone with bulk storage such as trucking companies, municipalities, unbranded fuel retailers, waste management companies, construction sites and schools.

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Mary EisnaugleMary Eisnaugle
[email protected]
Director of Commercial Sales and Marketing


Frank HicksFrank Hicks
[email protected]
All 16 States


John HeyobJohn Heyob
[email protected]
C. OH, S. OH


Eric LeindeckerEric Leindecker
[email protected]
Northeast Ohio


Dale DierdorfDale Dierdorf
[email protected]
Commercial Sales Rep Northeast Ohio