Commercial and Wholesale Fuels


Lykins Energy Solutions provides sales, delivery, and equipment solutions to customers purchasing quality gasoline and diesel fuels.  From farm to construction sites, trucking companies or fleet fueling.  Lykins Energy Solutions has the right price and the right program to fulfill all your energy needs.

Wholesales Fuels (more than 5,000 gallons)

Lykins Energy Solutions Wholesale Division markets petroleum products throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast and Southeast.  Lykins Energy Solutions supplies diesel fuel and gasoline to trucking companies, schools, unbranded service stations, and other oil companies.  Lykins Energy Solutions buys petroleum products from 25 major and large independent refiners so customers have access to the best quality products at the most competitive prices.  Lykins Energy Solutions also helps customers control fuel expenses using fixed cost and other cost control strategies and fuel management services.  

Learn more about our Price Risk Management Program

Lykins Energy Solutions distributes petroleum products throughout the Midwest and along the East coast, supplying quality wholesale gas/gasoline and wholesale diesel fuel to anyone with bulk storage such as trucking companies, municipalities, unbranded fuel retailers, waste management companies, construction sites and schools.

Contact a sales person today for Wholesale Fuel: 

Doug FutscherDoug Futscher
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Diana FisherDiana Fisher
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John CorbinJohn Corbin
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Jim  PannellJim Pannell
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Rickey DavisRickey Davis
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Commercial Fuels (less than 5,000 gallons)

Lykins Energy Solutions Commercial Division supplies customers purchasing gasoline or diesel less than 5,000 gallons at one time.  Lykins Energy Solutions offers on-site fueling and tank/equipment programs.  Regardless of  your requirements, Lykins Energy Solutions has the right program to fulfill the unique needs of all customers.  

Services & Programs:

  • Traditional & Spot Prices
  • Premium grade gasolines
  • Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel Gas (ULSD)
  • Biodiesel - the diesel fuel alternative
  • ECO-SUPREME Premium Diesel Fuel
  • ECO-SUPREME Premium Diesel High Cetane
  • Full Line of Lubricants
  • Customized Tank Programs to fit your needs
  • On-Site fueling of equipment and vehicles day or night (Commercial Only)
  • On-Site tank and pump packages
  • Customized Payment Terms
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week service available
  • Environmental compliance issues answered
  • Knowledge and Experieced sales staff
  • Friendly, and highly trained fleet of delivery drivers
  • Autofill options
  • Specialized Customer Service Department
  • Invoices and Statements via fax or e-mail
  • Fix Pricing
  • Forward Contracts:
    • Standard Fixed Price
    • Buyer's Trigger
    • Costless Collar

As a Petroleum Marketer and Fuel Jobber, our mission is to provide superior quality products and services at competitive pricing to fit each of our customers' individual needs.  The place to call is Lykins Energy Solutions for the right fuel prices and the right program today.  Our well-trained and experienced customer service and sales staff are ready to schedule a delivery, talk to you about your account, or answer a question or two.  Give our customer service representative, in your area a call or email.  We look forward to serving you.

Contact a sales person today for Commercial Fuel: 

Frank HicksFrank Hicks
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John HeyobJohn Heyob
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Jim PannellJim Pannell
800-875-8820 ext 6321
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Kathleen BurkeKathleen Burke


Terry NeiswanderTerry Neiswander
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