Lykins: Fueling the Future in Florida

Lykins is a wholesale/commercial supplier of quality petroleum products, including all types of diesel and gasoline. Florida-based companies rely on our top-quality, low priced goods and services to meet their fueling needs. We work with a variety of clients, including small businesses and government entities. From fuel management help to diesel fuel delivery, Florida companies and organizations trust Lykins because of our efficiency and top-rated customer service. We use our own trucking fleet and reputable carriers to deliver the product you need on time.

Because Lykins is aware of all Florida/Southeast fuel markets, tax issues, state regulations, and environmental mandates, it’s easy to do business with us. Our Supply/Sales team is always ready to answer questions and provide technical insight to concerns that may arise. We have a wide knowledge of traditional fuels and fuel management, as well as ethanol and biofuel. Florida is one of several states in the Southeast/Midwest region where Lykins supplies to both the commercial and wholesale markets. We offer a variety of programs and are able to meet a wide range of petroleum needs.

Products and Services for Florida

  • Florida GasolinePremium grade gasoline including 10% Ethanol and Ethanol-free
  • Biodiesel
  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels
  • BlueDef (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • Syntek
  • Wide variety of lubricants
  • Certified K-1 Kerosene Fuel
  • Customized tank programs
  • On-site equipment and vehicle fueling
  • On-site tank and pump packages
  • Customized payment options
  • Environmental compliance questions answered
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week service offered

If you have a 200 gallon tank or a 20,000 gallon tank, Lykins Companies can help you. Please call 800-875-8820 to have your questions answered and for a price quote. For quantities greater than 5,000 gallons, ask for a wholesale department representative.