Lykins: Fueling the Future from State to State

 Lykins Fueling the Future

With decades of experience and a presence in the Midwestern and Eastern U.S., Lykins is a trusted supplier of petroleum products.  Available 24/7, we provide top-rated delivery service and economical pricing.  We supply product quantities in any amount and work with businesses, organizations and residences.


It's easy to do business with Lykins.  Our team of fueling experts is familiar with the markets, regulations and taxing issues in each state we service.  Our customer service agents are always willing to tailor programs and delivery options to meet your specific needs.  We're available to assist you with state environmental compliance and answer any questions you have.



In Ohio, the full scope of Lykins' products and services - including the delivery of home heating oil and propane - are available to businesses, organizations and residences.  In Kentucky and Indiana, we offer our full services, except for the delivery of propane.  In every other state, we offer commercial and wholesale gasoline, biofuels, biodiesel, kerosene, diesel and specialty products.  Our services include customized delivery, tank and pump packages, onsite fueling of vehicles and equipment, and round-the-clock service.

Please call 800-875-8820 for more information and a price quote.