Lykins: Fueling the Future in Georgia

Lykins meets the commercial/wholesale petroleum needs of customers throughout Georgia, supplying the highest quality products delivered in the most efficient method at the lowest price. We use our own fleet of trucks and leading common carriers to ensure dependable delivery service.

As a well-regarded oil company with Georgia-based clients, we are familiar with local/regional fuel markets, taxes, state regulations and environmental compliance for doing business in Georgia. Few oil companies in the region offer a Supply/Sales Team that can also help answer technical questions on traditional fuels and fuel management, as well as the new range of bio-fuels including ethanol and biodiesel. Georgia is one of several states in the Southeast and Midwest where Lykins Energy Solutions supplies commercial and wholesale fuel. From farm to municipalities, trucking companies or fleet fueling, Lykins has the right price and the right program to fulfill all your petroleum needs . . .

Products and Services for Georgia

  • Georgia OilPremium grade gasoline: 10% Ethanol and Ethanol-free
  • Biodiesel
  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels
  • Full Line of lubricants
  • BlueDef (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • Syntek
  • Certified K-1 Kerosene Fuel
  • Customized Tank Programs to fit your needs
  • On-Site fueling of equipment and vehicles
  • On-Site tank and pump packages
  • Customized Payment Terms
  • 24/7 service available
  • Environmental compliance issues answered

Whether you have a 20,000 or 200 gallon tank, we will deliver cost-competitive fuel products on time. Please call 800-875-8820 for a price quote. For gallons over 5,000, ask for a Lykins representative in our wholesale department.