Lykins: Fueling the Future in South Carolina

From oil to diesel, from gasoline to biofuel, South Carolina customers trust Lykins Energy Solutions to supply businesses with top-quality fuel products and services. Working with wholesale and commercial fuel users, we deliver to organizations such as farms, government agencies, construction businesses and trucking companies. We use our own trucking fleet or contract with trustworthy carriers, and have earned a superb reputation throughout the Southeast region because of our on-time deliveries and low prices. For South Carolina petroleum product needs, Lykins Energy Solutions is the company to rely on.

When doing business with Lykins you can be sure that we know about state issues, including regulations, taxes, and environmental compliance. We also keep current with local and regional fuel markets so that we’re able to keep our pricing at the lowest possible point. When your business partners with Lykins, we help answer all your questions regarding these issues, and we also answer questions regarding traditional fuels and fuel management, as well as the new variety of products available including ethanol and biodiesel. South Carolina organizations trust Lykins Energy Solutions. Check out our list of products and services, and then call us to find out how we may build your trust, too.

Products and Services for South Carolina

  • South Carolina BiofuelPremium grade gasoline, including Ten Percent Ethanol & Ethanol-free
  • BioFuels/Biodiesel
  • Ultra-low sulfure diesel fuels
  • Specialty products: BlueDef & Syntek
  • Lubricants
  • Certified K-1 kerosene fuel
  • Customized tank programs
  • Onsite equipment & vehicle fueling
  • Onsite tank and pump packages
  • Customized payment options
  • Environmental compliance assistance
  • 24/7 service available

Our representatives are ready to help you. Please call 800-875-8820 for more information and for a price quote. For volumes bigger than 5,000 gallons, ask for a wholesale department representative.