FAQ - Electricity

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  • Is Lykins Energy Solutions a licensed electricity supplier?


    Yes, Lykins Energy Solutions is licensed and certified at the federal level (FERC), state level (PUCO) and with each electric distribution utility where we serve customers.

  • What markets does Lykins Energy Solutions serve?


    Lykins serves all customer classes in every electric distribution utility service territory in Ohio: Duke Energy Ohio, AEP Ohio, Dayton Power & Light, and First Energy Ohio.

  • What is electric deregulation?  


    In Ohio, customers can choose who to purchase the supply portion of their electricity service from. If customers do not choose an alternate supplier like Lykins, they default to the local utility rate or “Price to Compare”. 

  • Is there an advantage in choosing an alternate supplier?  


    Yes, Lykins’ rates are currently lower than the Price to Compare, meaning you can save money on the supply portion of your electricity service. 

  • Will I incur any switching fees by choosing Lykins?  


    Lykins does not charge a switching fee. 

  • How long will I be with Lykins?  


    Lykins offers 12, 24, and 36 month terms. Near the end of your term, Lykins will contact you with alternatives for continuing your service with us. If we do not hear back from you, your service will either be returned to the local utility default rate or renewed on a month to month basis AT THE SAME RATE. Unlike most other suppliers, Lykins will never auto-renew you at a higher rate.  

  • Do I need to notify my local utility after signing up with Lykins?  


    No, Lykins notifies your utility for you. If you are a new Lykins electricity customer your utility will send a confirmation letter in the mail. However, confirmation letters are only sent for new contracts, not renewal contracts. 

  • When will I start saving?  


    Your new rate will become effective on the first meter read date your contract with Lykins is in effect. Please note electricity is billed after the fact so it will take a monthly billing cycle before Lykins’ rate will appear on your bill.  

  • Where will my charges appear?  


    You will continue to receive a single bill from your local utility company. Lykins rates for electric supply will appear as a line item on your monthly utility bill. 

  • Who should I call in case of an outage or meter read issues?  


    You will continue to contact your local utility company for outages, meter reads, or other service issues. Your local utility company continues to own and maintain the distribution network and is responsible for all electricity delivery, outage, meter read, and tree trimming issues and emergencies.  

  • Where can I enroll?  


    Click here or call us at: 1-800-875-8820