FAQ - Home Heating Oil

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  • Is oil heat an efficient way to heat a home?


    Oil heat has always provided efficient and affordable warmth and it's gotten even better in recent years.  Many oil-fired systems now display the prestigious Energy Star Label, which signifies that they are technologically advanced and clean burning.  Some oil heat systems have efficiency ratings that exceed 90%. 

  • Are there adequate supplies of heating oil?


    Today, improvements in drilling technology have opened up reserves in more countries than ever.

    The United States also has a Strategic Petroleum Reserve with nearly 700 million barrels in place.  It's the world's largest emergency oil stockpile.  A few years ago, the U.S. also established a two-million-barrell heating oil service.

  • What's the easiest way to get a delivery?


    The easiest way to get heating oil is through our VIP Delivery Service.  Oil companies count "degree-days" to keep track of how cold the weather has been and calculates an individual burn rate for each customer.  This lets Lykins Energy know just when a customer will need a delivery, long before most people would know it themselves. 

    VIP Delivery Service doesn't mean more fuel is burned.  It provides peace of mind because you don't have to think twice about how much fuel is in your tank. 

  • What should I do about an old system?


    An old oil heat system is no different than any other outdated heating system, regardless of the fuel used.  Old systems can generate higher than necessary fuel bills, but they can easily be replaced with equipment that incorporates new oil heat technology.

    The nonprofit Consumer Energy Council of America concluded that changing fuel sources does not make "economic sense" and a better investment would be to upgrade an older system to new equipment in order to improve efficiency.   

  • How do I know if my system should be replaced?


    Oil heat systems typically last 30 years and longer.  However, the older the system the greater the gain in efficiency and cleanliness through upgrading.  If your oil heat system is less than 25 years old, you are already benefiting from some of the technological advances of Clearburn Science. 

  • Besides a total replacement, are there lower-cost ways to improve an oil heat system's efficiency?


    A professional tune-up can increase efficiency by up to 5%.  Homeowners can also improve efficiency - by as much as 25% - if they replace an old burner with a modern, flame-retention burner rather than replacing the entire furnance or boiler.  Purchasing a new burner is a modest investment with a rapid payback.  It is estimated that flame-retention burners have saved homeowners billions of dollars in fuel costs and have conserved more than six billion gallons of oil.