Home Heating Oil Delivery

Lykins Home Heating division provides the safest, most efficient means to heat a home.  With our automatic fill programs, you will never go without heat. We GUARANTEE IT!

Lykins is a locally owned company with a bulk facility near you.  As a home heating oil supplier, Lykins Energy Solutions is proud to offer premium quality fuel heating oil products to its customers through its wide variety of purchase and oil delivery options. Regardless of the type of oil heating you have, propane heating, kerosene fuel heating, kerosene oil heating...etc Lykins will be able to assist you.

Oil heat is the safest, most efficient means to heat a home or business.  Fuel oil is a very stable, combustible, non-explosive product, which addresses some of the safety concerns that surround other fuels.  The efficiency is a result of the high BTU content found in a gallon of oil, versus an equal measure of natural gas, propane, or electricity.

Benefits of Using Heating Oil

  • Efficient – modern Oilheat systems perform at 85-95% efficiency or higher.  This means that for every dollar you spend on heating oil 85-95 cents worth of heat and hot water is delivered to your home. Oilheat is the efficiency leader.
  • Clean – Today’s Oilheat is 95% cleaner than it was in 1970.  Modern Oilheat systems create absolutely no soot, dirt, or odors in the home.  It is as environmentally friendly as gas.        
  • More Popular – 28.6 million Americans depend on the comfort and savings of Oil heat to heat their homes.               
  • It's Abundant – No need to worry about world oil supplies. With over 36 oil-producing countries, Lykins Energy Solutions maintains a constant supply of heating oil.
  • Safe – heating oil is non-explosive, in fact it will not even burn in a liquid state. Not like other heating sources, which will burst into flames. 
  • Cozy and Warmer – an Oilheat flame burns 300 degrees hotter than natural gas, heating your home and water faster than any other heating source ever could.
  • Economical – annual heating costs for Oilheat are consistently lower than natural gas or electricity, especially if your heating supplier offers a price cap or guaranteed price program. The Department of Ecology studies indicate that oil heats 16% more efficiently than natural gas.

Lykins Energy Solutions Offers: 

  • Guaranteed and Fixed Price Programs
  • Winterized Heating Fuels
  • SAVE with our VIP Fill Programs
  • Interest Bearing Budget Programs
  • Customized Payment Plans
  • Senior Citizen Discounts
  • State and County Vouchers Accepted
  • Certified Professional Drivers
  • Quality Equipment
  • Metered Deliveries  
  • Specialized Customer Service Department   
  • Statements via e-mail or fax
  • NEW on-line pricing and Ordering   
  • NEW on-line Bill Pay
  • Tank Maintenance

Order Residential Heating Oil

For inquiries about home heating services, please contact our customer service department at (800) 875-8820, option 1, or use our convenient Online Order Form.  If you prefer, you may also email us at: cs@lykinsenergy.com.

New Heating Oil Customer Information

New Customers can download more information on Lykins Energy Solutions' Home Heating Oil Services, as well as an application for service, and a special survey to assure you, the customer, even better service!

VIP Service ( Auto fill)

The VIP program gives you a 100% guarantee that you will never run out of fuel.  You will always move to the front of the line of our customers for service even on the coldest days of the year.

The VIP program is a free service to you, but most importantly it offers you peace of mind. You will never have to check your tank for fuel or call to place an order.

We have a sophisticated system for tracking weather and outside temperature to know within a few gallons how much is still in your tank and when you need your next delivery. When we estimate your tank is down to 30-40%, we will automatically top you off. Again, no calls to our office and a guarantee that you never run out.

*You will need approved credit or a credit card on file for this program.  
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Tank Insurance

Only $39.99 a year and available only in the Cincinnati market currently. Customers must be VIP customers. A tank inspection is required prior to sign up. Tanks must have a vent whistle (if your tank does not have one we will provide one at a discount). Tanks must be 275-300 gallon capacity.
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