Retail Opportunities

Lykins Retail


Retail Opportunities

Lykins Energy Solutions supplies major oil petroleum products and branded franchises such as BP, Clark, Exxon, Marathon, and Shell to various independently owned retail outlets including service stations, convenience stores, marinas, sub-jobbers, etc... in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

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Commercial & Wholesale

Lykins Commercial


Commercial and Wholesale

Lykins Energy Solutions Commercial and Wholesale Division provides commercial fuel sales, delivery and equipment solutions for customers purchasing quality gasoline, diesel fuels and  environmentally friendly fuels for use in fleets, and farms. From fleet fueling, construction sites, and trucking fleets Lykins provides quality service and products 24/7 with the right price and the right program to fulfill your petroleum oil needs.

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Lykins Residential


Residential and Business Heating

Our Residential and Business Heating Products Division provides the most efficient and cost conscious approach to heat a home or business with heating oil or propane. With our automatic fuel programs you will never be without heat and our friendly payment programs make it easy on your pocketbook.

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Lykins Office Building


New Name Reflects Company’s Full Array of Products and Services

(Milford, Ohio, January 30, 2014) Lykins Oil Company will change its name to Lykins Energy Solutions.  The new name reflects the company’s growth and the additional products and services it now provides.


Lykins has been in business since 1948. Oil and gas have always been the company’s focus and that will not change.  However, Lykins is much more than an oil company today.  Lykins supplies the region with a wide array of energy products and services. The company serves customers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, as well as throughout the Midwest and the Southeast United States and provides key services including: Branded Fuels, Wholesale Fuels, Commercial, Transportation and Home Heating Oil, Propane, Lubricants, Electricity and Natural Gas. The company represents six major brands: BP, Marathon, ExxonMobil, Shell, Gulf and Clark.


“We want to be known for all our energy products and that includes oil, gas, electric, natural gas, propane and lubes.  We even have our own Lykins Energy Fleet Card through Voyager now. Through several years of acquisitions and expanding our products and services, Lykins plans to double its size in the next five years,” says Jeff Lykins, Lykins Energy President. Read More...


As a leading Fuel Marketer, Lykins Energy Solutions specializes as a full service petroleum oil and fueling company providing, delivering, and transporting propane, heating oil, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, biofuel, and petroleum to all markets that have the need for their products and services. Hence, creating Lykins' many divisions:
Residential and Business Heating Products Division provides the most efficient and cost conscious approach to heat a home or business with home heating oil or propane.

Propane Division supplies propane for your home and farm needs.


Lykins Companies, Inc  parent of wholly owned subsidaries: Lykins Oil Company, Lykins Transportation Inc., Lykins Realty, and  Lykins C-Stores, Inc.

Lykins Energy Solutions Commercial and Wholesale Division supplies businesses, farms, local and federal governments with all their bulk gas and fuel needs - including bio-diesel and Bio Fuel (BioFuel).

Branded Division supplies franchises with all grades of gasoline, diesel fuels and kerosene.

Lykins Transportation provides petroleum transportation to Lykins Energy Solutions, as well as being a common carrier, providing petroleum transportation services throughout the tri-state area for a variety of other petroleum companies and businesses.


Lykins Wholesale / Unbranded Division handles purchases of bulk gas, diesel fuels, heating oil, kerosene and environmentally friendly alternative fuels in bulk quantities of 5,000 gallons or more. We distribute petroleum products throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast, supplying quality wholesale gas and wholesale diesel fuel to anyone with bulk storage such as trucking companies, municipalities, unbranded retailers, waste management companies, construction sites and schools.


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